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Please allow me to introduce myself - Life After 50 or No Longer Useful, Desired or Seen

About Please allow me to introduce myself

Previous Entry Please allow me to introduce myself Jan. 19th, 2008 @ 01:02 pm Next Entry

Warm weather, plain speaking, free speech, long hot baths, peace, woods and forests, walking without any destination in mind and 'getting lost' conversation, mac computers, London, My hometown, smoking, The British Museum Reading room, solitude, the first cuckoo, The Proms at The Royal Albert Hall,


Militancy of every kind, religious, political, psychological, of every kind. Political correctness. Group think. Mass movements. New age religions and philosophies. American spelling. Insincerity, the cult of the late Princess Diana, Public outpourings of grief. The cult of celebrity. The misuse of the words 'cool' and 'awesome'. Slang. Memes, quizzes, polls. Self dramatisation and self harm. Advertising, catch phrases, cliche's, all types of fundamentalism. Rap music. The lack of interest in this site. Come on, what do over-fifties feel or think,love and hate?

all of the above are subject to change or expansion
Current Location: Nottingham, UK
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