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Over 50? Peridementia and our aging knowledge workers - Life After 50 or No Longer Useful, Desired or Seen

About Over 50? Peridementia and our aging knowledge workers

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Date:January 8th, 2008 12:47 am (UTC)

Within that dark wood

We baby boomers never go gently into anything, certainly not Dylan Thomas' "dark night," and not within Dante's dark wood either. We talk about it, dissect, worry it to death. You can look at the way we handled childbirth, raising children, menopause (female AND male) and now retirement and the fears of senility. I used to joke that we will be the ones doing wheelies in our wheelchairs in the nursing homes and I'm not too certain that's too far off. I wish that there were lots more people willing to talk about the fear of what age will bring, that this is a whole new part of our life script that seems like, if not Brave New World, then Strange New World to us.

I would not think, however, that we are leaving behind the Information World for the Concept one, as it is the very invention of the internet which we have mastered in some form or another that has allowed us to connect up with folks going through similar issues.

Glad to read your posting. Good luck in your own search from someone turning 60 next year,

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